Days are not rotten

A disastrous promise pinned,

But no one really sinned,

Masses did not care,

Villagers had fear,

From a far distance, gangs came and settled,

Neighbors silenced and belittled,

Spies eased selling Palestine,

Yet gradually, they assured, “Everything is fine”,

1948 catastrophe and the war came,

Neighbors fought for us only for fame,

To leave their lands, villagers were forced,

Palestine was raped… and divorced

Thousands killed and others displaced,

Cloudy and unseen future they faced,

They left with their keys,

Crossing borders and risky seas,

They left holding memories from the past,

Holding things they wished to last,

Freeing groups appeared to revenge,

They wanted to liberate and avenge,

They fought, fought and fought,

Dreams and hopes were brought,

Refugees, shouted, celebrated and clapped,

But the groups, politically, were trapped,

Their efforts were politicalized,

Their successes, were no longer, socialized,

More catastrophes and crimes committed,

Massacres and wars permitted,

Refugees’ sadness deepened,

Their hopes were weakened,

Having their homes’ keys, though,

Hoping their children hold them when grow,

They just have one and only dream,

They want Palestine back and agleam,

Their memories can’t be forgotten,

Their past days will not be rotten,


Mohammed Arafat




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