Dear Trump: A message from Gaza to US new leader

For the desk of:

His Excellency, President Donald Trump

The American President



From the desk of:

Mohammed Arafat

A Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip



Dear President, Mr. Donald Trump,

My name is Mohammed Arafat, a three-war old Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip where more than 18,000,000 people are suffering from the aftermath of the continuous siege! We have been under this siege since 2006, affecting every aspect of our life, the life I wonder whether we deserve.

You don’t know how much we Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been waiting for the American Presidential elections’ results since we know that the American leader can make a change in our lives. You have won the presidency, and we have been a little shocked because of your declarations, during your campaign, which were biased to Israel. We were really shocked over your declaration of banning Muslims from entering Muslims the U.S as well as the one of moving the US consulate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Dear President, I know we are just a small enclave that is incomparable to other countries having civil wars and other conflicts, like Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. However, we are still humans wishing to live a normal life like others.

Mr. Trump, do you believe that more than the half of Palestinians in this area can’t travel abroad to do what they seek to do? Some wish to travel to pursue their studies in Europe or in your country so they can serve and help the lives of civilians residing in this Strip. Others wish to travel to get treatments that they can’t get inside this cage!

Mr. President, do you believe that the rate of unemployment between graduated educated youths has exceeded 60%? Youths here are looking for jobs with a salary of at least 100$ to just get food for themselves and their families. Palestinians in this area are known of the best skillful and talented people though compared to many other countries, but they are in a cage its key is between your hands. Do we deserve that Sir?

Dear Sir, have you ever tried living in darkness just for one night in your life? If so, how did you feel? Do you believe that in Gaza we just have four hours of power per day, while many people with special needs cannot live without access to it? A lot of organizations, factories and bakeries have been affected by this crisis that no one could help to solve until this moment! I am pretty sure that you have pets at the Trump Tower, and I am pretty sure that they have access to light, warmth and the life requirements! It’s not a kind of envy or something else, but it’s just a wonder whether we are humans or not.

Mr. President, do you know how many have been killed during the last three wars on Gaza? More than 3400 Gazans, most of whom were women and children, were the victims of those brutalities in few days only. Moreover, media did not care about this number which seems large. On the other hand, I have a question for your Excellency! What if an American man is killed? Would not the world stand out and never sit? I really do not know why we are being unvalued while others are. I wonder why we are being ignored while others are not! I wonder why we are not backed while others are!

Dear Mr. Donald Trump, I am sorry I took some of your precious time, but I am trying to make you feel how we feel! I am trying to make you know the suffering we have been through since a decade, and we are still the same; no changes! We all know that the American policy can change the current situation between Israelis and Palestinians, and we know that your respectful administration can do something to make both sides, finally live peacefully! I want to tell you to please not to believe those who say both sides will never ever have peace. You, everyone and I know that there are good people from both sides needing peace, love and happiness to be showered over them, to make them forget the bad memories, hatred and hypocrite that have killed our lives and dreams for decades. We only hope from you to separate politics from humanities because we know politics are always ways to wars and conflicts!

Dear President, as Palestinians wishing to have a country with Jerusalem to be a capital, we have heard about your declaration about moving the US consulate from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and we all are hurtful for that! I think you know that this decision might kill the hopes of peace in this area, and maybe in the Middle East as a whole. As a result, we kindly ask you to please don’t move the consulate to Jerusalem so we can avoid any confrontations or violence between both sides since we are peace demanders!

Dear Sir, I am sorry if I spoiled your mood with my words, but here is a short poem that I ask you to please read while drinking a cup of coffee:


Being Palestinian is not a crime,

We want to achieve peace over time,


We have suffered enough,

Our life has been tough,


Humans we are after all,

Why is there a high wall?


We need to live a normal life,

With lots of joys without any strife,


We are hopeful for you, Mr. Trump,

Fear, violence and terror we need to dump,


Remember us while at the White House,

With beautiful family and your spouse,


We don’t ask for money or fame,

We just need you to end this game,


Palestinians are peace demanders,

Please, don’t believe fake slanders,


Would you please cease this conflict?

Would our days be light or strict?


We believe in you, dear Sir,

Knowing you will make peace occur,


Much respect for you and love,

Much mercy and greets from above,


Mohammed Arafat






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